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5mt transmission metallic clicking problem

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Yesterday morning my 5mt in my FXT started making a loud clicking noise that varies with road speed. It sounds like a playing card in a bicycle spoke, but is a bit more metallic than that. It is audible all the time however it is not very loud until the transmission warms up. Also, it is mostly muted when accelerating, but upon coasting or decelerating it is quite noisy, and the pitch changes between accelerating and coasting. It doesn't matter if the clutch is in or out or what gear it is in, those factors don't affect it. I have also noted that when reversing directions the sometime is a felt clunk after a few few feet of movement. Needless to say, I have stopped driving it before something else gets hurt.

So, with that said, has anyone experience this before?

Sabrewings had the same symptoms, but he ended up replacing the rear diff to fix it and the sound is clearly coming from the front of the car in my situation.

Thanks for the info guys!
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It could be the front differential. The transmission and front differential are a transaxle on the 2004 5mt Foresters. Transmission fluid also functions as the differential fluid, so the differential fluid would be thick until the whole gearbox warms up. Also explains the noises coming from the front.

My $.02. Good luck.
cv axle,output side of the transmission,front diff
Thanks for the input. I hope some other guys chime in here since I really would like not to have to pull the transaxle if it is the rear diff causing the problem. I also remembered that a few months ago I heard a weird growling sound from the rear diff but it eventually went away so I ignored it. Maybe it has finally failed?
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