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2009 Forester 5MT
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Like the title says, I am experiencing a "crunching" noise which sounds like it is coming from the front right of the car when decelerating regardless of what gear I am in or if it is in neutral. This started happening a few days ago and seems to be caused by the cold weather. After driving 10 minutes or so to work the noise has gone away. Some additional notes: I replaced the center diff and output shaft bearings about 2 months ago due to a whining noise and clunking while turning. After replacement, all sounds and symptoms went away. In the last week or so the car has started running a bit rougher on ignition and startup. It seems to have a slightly muffled/low pitch sound to it that wasn't there a month ago. It also shakes the whole car on ignition. These things may or may not be related. Any thoughts as to what could be causing these things would be greatly appreciated!
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