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5 Speed Swap Parts - 04 XT 5MT

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!!!!!!!! Sold !!!!!!!!

Complete and fully running 04 XT 5MT Transmission Swap awaiting a new owner .......

Transmission is in excellent condition and it shifted smoothly with zero issues. I took a Vid of myself driving/shifting prior to removal.

5 Speed Swap Items(s) included are as follows:-

--> 5MT Transmission, Cross-Member & Tranny Mount [Tranny code:- TY755VH4AA]
--> 5MT Matching Rear Diff - (R160 LSD 4.44)
--> 5MT Driveshaft
--> 5MT Shifter Linkage Assembly
--> 5MT Clutch Fork & Fork Pin
--> 5MT Clutch Slave Cylinder
--> 5MT Flywheel
--> 5MT Starter & mounting H/W
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If only you were in Texas :(
No doubt ha.

XT Foz are super rare over here. Best bet is someone in the close to the border :).
Pm'd you back.

I've got all the parts req'd to undertake a 5 Speed Swap :)
TTT - I've updated the FS to list all item(s) for sale for this 5MT swap.

This is a really great deal - if I saw this thread when I had my old 4EAT XT I'd would have been all over it lol.
Time to remove ya auto box and snap this up :).

If these parts can fit a 2002 then let's talk. It's the shipping, :(
If these parts can fit a 2002 then let's talk. It's the shipping, :(
Mechanically all will bolt right on without any probs. Yep the shipping ..........
Anyone have any experience with the shipment of large parts from Canada to the US?

Alternatively and recommendations for shipping companies within the US if I physically ship the parts from Blaine Washington 98230?
Damn... I'm in Kansas if u wanna ship lol
Yep that prob a little too far to ship lol. Someone locally should jump on this :)
PM replied.
To the top
bump price drop...........
No one keen on a swap
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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