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So I really liked having a new stereo with an audio-in component, however, i wasn't too keen on the idea that the cable was 4 feet long and just hanging around all over the place.
Here's my quick fix to the problem:

Step 1: Open up top of garbage can, center console cupholder in order to get to the caps that cover the 2 screws that need to be taken out in order to remove the center console. You will need to lift up the e-brake a little in order to remove the piece of plastic surrounding it. (Just like the typical starting process when installing new stereo, if you have done that before). Once that piece of plastic is removed, put the car into neutral while your foot in on the brake, and remove the plastic piece around the shifter. Put the car back into park once this piece is removed.

Step 2: Take the audio-in or auxiliary cable and thread it through the center console along the bottom part away from all the important wires and shifter. After this is done, begin putting back the pieces of the center console.


Step 3: After you put back the plastic piece around the shifter back in place, before reinstalling the piece around the e-brake, pop out one of the small plastic covers used to fill the spaces where controls for buttons like the seat warmers would be placed. After it is removed, use about a .25" drillbit to drill a hole through the bottom-center of the piece. This is where the other end of the auxiliary cable will go through.


Step 4: Push the other end of the auxiliary cable through the hole you just drilled and reinsert the plastic cover piece back into its place.

Step 5: Make sure the cable inside the plastic center console is off to the side somewhere and will not interfere with the e-brake or get tangled with the other wires. After that is done, put the screws back in the piece of plastic surrounding the e-brake and tighten them down before putting the caps back on the screws.


There you go! enjoy using your mp3 player or ipod without having to deal with a mess of cable hanging around the inside of the cabin.

i apologize for not embedding pics, but i havent reached that 15 post mark yet. Remove the [dot] I put in and use a period instead before copy-pasting into the search bar at the top of your browser.

Sorry for the terminology used also - if anyone needs clarification on anything I would be happy to help!
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