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$400 for a key?!

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So I wanted a spare key for my 2011, since it only came with one when I bought it a couple years ago. First I checked with the hardware store, who couldn't make one. Then I asked a locksmith, who couldn't make one. So I went to the dealership and they quoted me just over $400...for a freaking key.

I really don't want a laser-cut chip key. I want a normal key that I can have made at True Value for $2. This feels like a "solution" that nobody asked for. Is there any way around this?
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Lots of Subaru keys and fobs on eBay for way less than $400

Going to the dealership is like a lamb going to slaughter. Don't do it! :)
I have a blank key with fob already.
Almost every hardware store make car keys now with immobilizer. Even our local "Battery Plus".
I'm wondering the same thing too. 2016 Forester. Local Ace doesn't have a blank for it.

I don't need the chip, I just want a plain blank to open the door only.

Does anyone know of a key blank number on the internet that fits?
THAT key, better be 14 karat gold for 400 bucks!
10 bucks but not everyone can cut the laser keys but should be able to find someone to do it for 20 or 30$
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