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2105 Forester XT Premium CVT
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I know I should keep the spare wheel as close to the rest of the tires and wheels as possible, but I could not afford to purchase a 5th of the same wheels and the same tire. I am hunting for a cheaper option.

I will be running:
Sparco Podio 17x7.5" +48 (stock) offset. I will be purchasing 225/65/17 Geolandar g015s. I should be able to afford a 5th g015 or at the bare minimum will find a tire similar for cheaper, but I can not seem to track down a cheap wheel that is 17x7.5 +48.

I assume that a 17x7 would fly for a spare and a tire that is also 225/65/17.

Please forgive me, I am new to the forum, but I feel like I understand a decent amount. I am not shy to learn new things nor am I stubborn enough to hear that I am wrong. Just looking for help that I could not find by using the search.


also, was figuring 17x7 instead of 17x7.5 for the spare, only to attempt to have any chance of ever closing the floor cover in the rear.
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