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2014 Forester Auto
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A new, 'Used' one, 2014, 62000 miles, Auto.
From the dealer, test drives, misc around town, parking lot, etc, probably the worst it could be, the on board showed, 26.5.
Re set, did a 260 RT, mostly County Roads.
About 1/2 65 MPH, 1/4 30-40 MPH (towns), 1/4 55 MPH.
Average was 31.4, went as high as 32.8, and low of 29.7.

That trip, same route, with 07 HHR Manual, would have been 30-31 MPG

I will look/search, but if any off the top of their head have a answer.

When on Cruse, I rest my foot lightly on the accelerator.
In last 4 cars, this was no problem. speed stayed the same.
On this one, speed creeps up, and I have to keep my foot off, or keep the muscles in the foot tensed to keep it, 'afloat'.
Is their a way, I can add/change the spring to make the accelerator a bit harder to push ?

(Not worried about the effort, my foot is, a bit heavy)
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