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I am looking for some clarification regarding the 30k maintenance. Some say to inspect while others say replace.
So far I figure I should replace:
plugs - should I go 1 step colder?
oil & filter
air filter
brake fluid

In question:
Front & rear differential - change or inspect?
fuel filter

Anything else that I may have missed that should be done to maintain the warranty? Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure all the fluids are inspect but unless you have the super coolant they use now I would replace all of them at 30K if you plan on keeping the car or drive it hard. Diff and tranny fluid are cheap and easy to change.

Why would you use colder plugs? They'll likely just foul sooner.

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You have an XT, so the plugs are good for 60K miles. Personally, I'd stick with the recommend spark plug, unless your tune requires it. :wink:

If you're a member here, you can view the recommended maintenance for your vehicle. :smile:

Both my '03 & '07 are under 30K miles, but last summerI opted for the services listed below. All done at my trusted Subaru dealership.
  • Coolant drained & replaced with SHELLZONE coolant, Redline water wet & Subaru conditioner.
  • 4EAT drained & filled with Redline synthetic ATF.
  • Front & rear differential drained & filled with Redline synthetic.
  • On the '03 X, the brake fluid was flushed & replaced with Valvoline synthetic brake fluid. I'm going to have that done to my '07 next time.
  • On the '03 X, I had the spark plugs replaced. This time I opted for iridium spark plugs, which are good for 60K miles.
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Replace all fluids (oil, tranny, cooling, brake, and diff), filters (fuel and air), and spark plugs. Inspect everything else (suspension, belts, brakes, clutch, HG, etc.).

Everything but the fuel filter (if it's in tank) and spark plugs are very easy DIY tasks that require minimal hand tools. The fuel filter and spark plugs are only slightly more difficult but not by much.

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