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225 rubbing issue w/ Impreza wheels

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Hey everyone, I’m new to the boards but I’ve been using this website for years to answer my questions. Thought I’d finally join up.

Anyway, a couple days ago I took my forester (2011 w/ stock suspension) to Big O tires to have them mount and balance a set of lightly used 225/60r17 geolander AT-S. When I came back to the shop, I was told that they test fit one and it was actually rubbing on the spring perch (he couldn’t tell me what side they tested but I assume one of the fronts due to the low clearance). They also put my existing tires back on so I couldn’t see what they were talking about.

Now I have a couple friends running the same size and they have zero issues w/ clearance. There’s also a ton of info on here about stock SHs running the same size tire with great success. The only thing I can think of is that I am running 2015 OEM Impreza sport wheels (Pictured) instead of the stock SH wheels. The offsets are both +55 so it shouldn’t truly mater, right??

I’m wondering if the Impreza rim is causing some unforeseen rubbing issue or could it be that the fitment is just really close to the spring perch and they wouldn’t mount them up so to liability issues.

The old tires are 215/60r17s (which I know are a smaller on both the width and the height). They fit great and it seems like there’s a decent amount of room between the perch and the tire. Enough to fit the 225s, I would think.

Anyone else had trouble at tire shops mounting up 225/60r17s?? Maybe I should try another shop?



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