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lemme apologize in advance but i couldnt much info on these size... i read all 336 posts of the tire/offset/wheel thread. thanks to google i found a post by sea-scooby but no other mentions on nasioc or iwsti...

so anyways, i read a post by sea-scooby that 225/50/18s should fit a forester w/ swifts. i have a dilema, im trying to get myself some new summer wheels/tires and have decided to make my 18s my new winter setup. only problem is finding tires..

i found a great deal on some closeout blizzaks. any1 here have any experience w/ this size? think they will fit my dspec/rce black/jr 1" lift kit setup? its pretty close to swift ride height give or take a few mm's!

ideally id like to score some 15-16" rally wheels and some 70-75series all terrain treads to go mudding :biggrin: but thats just a fantasy :icon_razz:
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