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If this topic has been discussed, then sorry, but search couldn't get me valuable results.
The question is - will 215/60 R17 tyres fit on stock suspension SF5 turbo? Can't say about the ET, as I don't have any rims now, so advices about that are also welcome.

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I am curious about this too. I found someone selling OEM Crosstrek wheels and I'm thinking about putting 215/60r17 all terrain tires on them. Has anybody fit these on their 1998-2002 (sf) forester while using the OEM struts without spacers? Also if anybody has fit Crosstrek OEM wheels and OEM tires on a 1998-2002 (sf) Forester with no issues please feel free to chime in! My biggest concern is strut clearance front and rear. I can't switch to sg struts at the moment. I can live with a little plastic rubbing

Here is what i know about the wheels and tires:

2013-current Crosstrek OEM wheels: 17x7 48mm offset 5x100mm

OEM tire:
Yokohama Geolandar H/T G95A
Diameter: 26.8
Tread width: 6.6

Yokohama Geo-lander AT/S 215/60r17:
Diameter: 27.1
Tread width: 6.7

1998-2002 Forester steel wheels: 15x6 48mm offset 5x100mm

Yokohama Geo-lander AT/S 205/70r15:
Diameter: 26.5
Tread width: 6.4
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