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2020 SK Forester Part Out - SOLD

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Hello All,

With mixed emotions, I am acquiring a Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium in the near future so I'm slowly removing parts off of my 2020 SK Subaru Forester Sport. I'll continue to update these thread as I remove more items off the Forester. Please look at my member's journal page below to get an idea of some of the items that will potentially be available.

('19+) - Elsa the Icy SK Sport

I reside within the Inland Empire (Riverside/Moreno Valley) area of Southern California. I'm willing to do a discount for purchasing multiple items, as well as meetup halfway to do the transactions. If you have any questions or feel that my pricing is unreasonable, please let me know and thanks for looking!

2/25 Update - I sorted out the items that have been sold and items that are still available, in addition to price adjustments.
4/23 Update - Only one item left
5/15 Update - All items have been sold

Items Sold
Auto-stop Eliminator (AE022) - I'm asking $50 local for $60 shipped CONUS SOLD
Desert Does It Front Seat Jackers x 2 (6101) - SOLD
Enkei RPF1 wheels (17x7.5 +48) with Falken Wildpeaks A/T Trail (225/65R17) - I am asking $800 within Southern California. SOLD
KUDA Mounting Base (076185) with ProClip USA Standard Holder (711117) - PRICE DROP TO $40 local or $50 SHIPPED CONUS SOLD
Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0 (BUM-023-A2) - I'm asking $100 local or $120 shipped CONUS. SOLD
Subaru OEM Cover Trunk STD (91141SJ040) - SOLD
Subaru OEM Crossbar Set Aero Extended (SOA567X010) - I'm asking $250 local SOLD
Subaru OEM Rear Cargo Cover (65550SJ000) - I'm asking $50 local SOLD
Subaru OEM Rear Seat Back Protector (J501SSJ310) - I am asking $40 local SOLD
Subaru OEM Rear Cargo Net (F551SSJ000) - I'm asking $20 local SOLD
Subaru OEM Rear Cargo Tray (J501SSJ300) - I'm asking $40 local SOLD
Subaru OEM Side Cargo Area Net (F551SSG011) - I am asking $20 local or $30 shipped CONUS SOLD
Subaru OEM Sunshade (SOA3992022) - I'm asking $20 local SOLD
Husky Weather Beater Floor Liners (95891) - PRICE DROP TO $40 LOCAL SOLD
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All items have a new home. Thanks everyone for looking!
Was hoping the OEM shade, cargo nets and cargo cover were available as it doesn’t show if they were sold. Not sure if you’d be willing to ship them all to Northern CA, 95662
I'll try to find a box that can fit the longer items (cargo cover and sunshade) and get a shipping estimate for you.
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I know you're not interested in shipping so much, but if interested, I can provide shipping label for sunshade if the buyer falls through.
I have a pending deal for the sunshade at the moment but I'll you know if it falls through.
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Hello, I am interested in the Luno mattress. I am located in San Diego, do you ever make it out to the coast? Willing to drive to get it if not but maybe we can work something out.
PM was sent!
I've updated the 1st post with the pending/sold items and added two more items in the 2nd post!
Save for later
I sorted out the items that have been sold and items that are still available, in addition making some price adjustments.
1st post was updated again with more items sold.
Another update to the items sold and what's left in my possession, as my 2020 Subaru Forester Sport was traded in earlier today for a 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium in Nautical Blue Metallic.
Another update for the Husky floor liners and Subaru OEM trunk cover for full size spare tire. I'll be in Las Vegas in early May and Yosemite/Bay Area sometime in early June if anyone in those areas are interested.
I am interested in the Husky liners and 100% willing to pay for shipping if you are willing to send them!
Where you are located? Please send me a PM and we can chat about it.
I'm down to the Subaru OEM trunk cover left so it's free to anyone within Southern California (pickup only)!
Hi Waldo, it's Mike I was wondering if you still had that full size tire cover that you show in the pictures with free pickup. I am looking into getting a full size spare tire and like the way you have your setup. If you don't have it I'm wondering where you acquired that foam insert
Hey Mike, I still have the full size tire cover. My schedule is pretty packed this weekend but I'm heading towards your direction the weekend after (May 13th) if that works out for you.
All items have found a new home. Thanks for looking and this thread is closed.
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