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2015 Forrester Touring CVT
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Newbie question...where is best on this site to post my question about my '20 Forester pillars (side panels) that are appear to have a distorted, "melted' look.

Don't know if the car came like this new or it happened after I bought it.

Curious if anyone else has seen this?
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I have the same issue on my '16 Pilot. The issue comes from being parked next to something very reflective, like glass windows in another vehicle or a building. The sun reflects off whatever you're parked beside & superheats the plastic between your windows. Mine got blistered while parked beside a Suburban at the Henry Doorley Zoo. When we got to it, the plastic was still soft to the touch & super hot. I've seen numerous posts about this in a lot of different forums...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts