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Installed the Nameless strut tower brace yesterday. Thought I would give my thoughts about it.

The bar itself feels well made and the wrinkle red looks good. The nameless badge is a nice touch. Came in a long box with some paper to protect it from damage during delivery. When it arrived, one of the corners of the bar ripped through the box but luckily no damage.

The install didnt go as smoothly as I would have liked but nothing too deal breaking. Due to the design, the mounting points are like in some kinda barrel. It comes with 4 lug nut looking nuts to fasten the brace on. The two mounting points that is closer to the firewall of the car was a bit hard to get to. I had to use a combination of a deep socket and a shorter regular socket to tighten the nuts. These two mounting points towards the firewall also did not appear to sit perfectly in the middle where the strut bolts come up. This made it difficult to tighten the nut. I had to use one hand to push the bar of the brace to align the mounting point and fasten the nut with the other hand.

My socket wrench kinda dug into the gutter guard foam insulation but its not a dealbreaker. I started the threads just a little for all 4 of them and then started to tighten each one down in a star pattern, similar to what you would do to wheels.

One thing I am worried about is the stress it may be putting on the strut tower bolts since the two mounting points didnt fit into the bolts perfectly. I guess since it is a tapered bottom, as I tightened the nuts, it should center itself. but who knows for sure.

The bar also hits the plastic gutter. I'm not sure if theres any flex in the bar when cornering but even sitting still, the bar already makes contact with the plastic. That's something to keep in mind in the long run.

Differences in drive:
Going in, I did not expect it to make any impact at all for handling. I just got it for looks. After I put it on, it does feel a little more solid when making turns. Steering feels just a tad bit stiffer. This could also be all in my head though.. Don't expect this to make your car feel like a regular sedan. You still have body roll, you still have some play here and there as an SUV does.

Final thoughts:
It's a nice looking bar, especially in red. It won't make a world of difference in handling, it may not even make a difference at all. Definitely not if you drive conservatively. Get it if you want some dress-up for your engine bay, otherwise skip it.
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