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I have lifetime oil changes through the dealership I purchased from. Went in for 30K service last week and paid $19.95 I think...tire rotation because I didn’t feel like going to Discount Tire afterwards.

29.8K miles in a year and the only thing they were going to flush (brake fluid) looked almost new and they recommended not to do it. Everything else was inspected and signed off on by the tech.

I do the engine & cabin air filter myself every 15K miles.

I also keep a binder of all dealer visits, tire rotations, etc. in the back pocket of the passenger seat so there won’t be any issues should I have a warranty claim (100K Gold Plus). Also gives me a place to keep registration/insurance info so everything’s handy if I get pulled over. I might be a little anal about it but that’s how I’ve been with every car so far and it takes little to no time to keep up with.
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