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Hey all,

I recently invested in a foam cannon and I'm using the Griot's Garage "Foaming Surface Prep" and "Poly Gloss" afterwards. Really satisfied with the results. When the car is especially dirty, I'll do a contact wash with Griot's Brilliant Finish car wash between the two foaming steps.

My question is when is the best time to apply the wax in this whole thing? Ideally I'm looking to apply wax twice a year, getting about 6 months of coverage between the two applications. Lately I've been using Meguiar's NXT 2.0 Tech Wax with good results, and this is the first time I'm applying it to my new Forester.

I'm thinking I'll just skip the Poly Gloss one day and do the Tech Wax immediately after the contact wash. Hopefully I won't have to clay it, but I do have Griot's Synthetic Clay if needed for stubborn areas. I'm thinking the wax won't cling as well if I do it after the Poly Gloss.



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