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2019 - Need a hitch for a bike rack?

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I just need a bike rack for three bikes, but in the past I have used those ones that attach to the trunk and do not feel stable. So, I think I am going to bite the financial bullet and have a hitch installed on my 2019 Forester in order to add a bike rack. Any suggestions are welcome on the hitch or bike rack.
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I have a 2020. I have the Torklift Ecohitch and like it better than the Draw Tites I've had before simply because I prefer the design and install not because I'm convinced it is superior. Definitely get a Class III with a 2" receiver. My rack of choice is a 1Up USA. I have a single with an add-on. Your best option would be a super duty double with an add-on. They are pricy but worth it. I have had literally every permutation of hitch and bike rack style on my Foresters and the one I currently have is hands down my favorite.
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