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2019 - Lift Kit - anybody look into doing a lift?

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Hello everyone, new member here and recently the proud new owner of my first forester sport. Has anybody looked into doing a lift on their forester? I found one on a website LPadventure has a kit and when I purchased my vehicle, the dealership said they do a lift kit as well for $2,400 I forgot to ask if warranty remains valid with a dealership mod. Has anybody had an experience with this? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks for any input.
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G'day & Welcome aboard @vnhan - have a look around this section of the forum and you'll find lots of info on lifts.
My apologies, I did a search for lifts on the 2019's and nothing came up. I'll keep up the research! 😊
No worries - review the "14-18" lift threads to get some ideas ;-)
I plan to lift my wifes 19 Sport. Readylify also makes a lift for the 2019 for half the LP price. How do they compare.. no idea.
What Kit

I'm planning a lift for my 2019 Sport. There is sooo much good information on this forum it can be confusing.

What I have found:
LP Adventures; From the website pictures, It looks like their kit addresses all issues for the 2019 2" lift.

Anderson Designs & Fabrication (ADF); Has a great thread here and following, but very simple kit shown on their website. Does it address all issues?

Readylift; Has a very simple kit. Does it address the rear frame spacing and brake lines like LP Adventures and ADF?

Sumo Parts; Doesn't show a 2019 application and is a simple lift kit. Hell it was installed in a 3 min video. HA HA. :Banane35:

Primitive Racing; Doesn't show a 2019 application on their website yet. They have a great reputation and even have spring rate changes on some earlier installation. Are they to stiff for 70% of my driving, the city? Do they actually increase travel?

Subtle Solutions; Has an extensive kit like LP Adventures, but, looks like you have to buy a separate brake line kit for a complete installation.

Darn had all the links but a good policy says I'm still a rookie.:wink2:

I'm still researching and open for input.

Next Max tire size on the standard 18" rim. No rubbing with either RokBloz or Rally Armor mud flaps. On my 2015 Crosstrek XV the screw heads on the RokBloz rubbed slightly with stock size BFG Advantage Sport tires. Loved the tires.
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Appears to me that with the new Global Platform 2019 Forester, a 1 1/2" lift is the safest, and affecting the capacity to align or CV joint life the least.

2 American made kits with all necessary components are:

I'm working to create a profile of each and to determine whether I have a local installer which can be relied upon to perform the work properly.

The Canadian LP Adventure kit has not been examined. I sell a lot of my home manufactured parts to Canada myself, and have no issue with purchasing from Canada. Just focused on the two American companies for now.

Quick comparo:

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I have the LP Adventure lift in hand, along with new wheels/tires. Will update after the install on a 2019 Premium.
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I'm planning to get Subtle Solutions myself sometime in the near future, i will update this thread with my reviews as well.
So I assume if you're lifting you're getting bigger tires. What are you all doing for spares?
The ADF kit looks good...

For those more experienced with lifts, if I am not planning to do any towing, are there other advantages of getting the slightly bigger lift in the rear for the rake? The ADF kit offers option for 1-7/8" rear lift to pair w/ 1-1/2" front.
@asdff I have a 2018 XT, so previous generation, and I went with the ADF 1.5" in front and 1-7/8" in the rear. I'm thinking about leveling the car out because it's noticeably taller in the back. That said, my car only has 13,000 miles on it and haven't loaded it with much more than a 60 lb. German Shepherd.
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Does installing bigger tires &/or a lift void the car's warranty?
Does installing bigger tires &/or a lift void the car's warranty?
I'm forgetting the exact law, but someone will chime in here, but the short answer is no. Just simply installing the aftermarket parts can not inherently void your warranty. But if you have some sort of suspension failure prior to your warranty running out, it's on Subaru to prove that the aftermarket parts were the cause of the failure. It seems like many legal things, there is a good measure of gray area here. I think the biggest thing would probably to go with a reputable aftermarket company with lots of years of lifting these under their belt.

The 2" or 1.5" kits area all a little expensive for me seeing as how we just bought ours and with a lift comes new tires...maybe new now we're up in the 2k+ range...yikes. Not ready for that yet. When we eventually need tires I will probably look at something with a taller side wall than the stock 225/55-18 on our Sport now. But that will all depend on what we do with it and how adventurous we decide to get...I just really like the look of the slightly lifted ones with burly had a cross trek and a forester with lifts, Sparco wheels, and big knobby tires on nice. Perhaps not so nice for he 90% of the time it's on city roads though.

I need to read up on the 1" spacer kits...almost the same amount of work for a little less lift...and way less expensive, like sub $200. But they have got to have some down sides I imagine.
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Has anybody have experience with Subie Lift OZ? It's based in Australia but it seems a lot of people i spoke with recommends them.
Put on the LP Adventure 2" lift kit today. Installation was seamless (about 2.5hrs start to finish), and the install photos they provide are perfect. Next up is the wheel and larger tire install, in a couple days. This is the after pic:


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I just posted a ReadyLift on my 19 Forester - this kit was way less than others and turned out great. Shop had not problem with alignment and the 65 series tires fit perfectly as Readylift described, no rubbing or cutting was needed. I did not install it so I can't comment on how difficult it was; but the shop that did said it was super straight forward. Drove it around for a few weeks; put wheels and tires on it, then aligned it after the suspension settled a bit as this was a brand new Forester with no miles when I put the lift on.

Land vehicle Tire Alloy wheel Vehicle Car
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Both lifts with a bit of Photoshop to allow for easier comparison:

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