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2019 - Lemon? CVT issues?

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My wife and I have owned many Subarus but when we bought our 2019 Forester Premium we have had nothing but problems. In the short time of ownership we have had Radio issues where we get the loading wheel that never goes away, power lift gate doesn't function, and most of all the CVT has a tendency to lurch forward and stall the car out. Each time, the car has not been throwing a check engine light but we have it stalling out on the highway. The car has been in the shop over 5 times already and no one is able to help us out.
Our local Subaru shop is so well versed in denying any issue or being able to "duplicate" the problem. Has anyone else experienced these issues with the CVT?
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Sounds like a call to SOA is needed to get the dealer's attention.
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