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When running, doing wet sports, or just not wanting to carry the big and expensive key FOB, I finally figured out how to lock the car and get back in without setting off the alarm in '19 Forester w/ keyless entry. Using the tailgate code entry button is OK but noisy and anyone listening can hear what your code is.

1. Remove emergency key from keyless key FOB.
2. With only the driver in the car and all doors shut, deactivate the key FOB (hold lock button while pressing unlock button twice). This will also lock all doors.
3. Leave key FOB in the car. Open door handle and get out of car (this also deactivates the alarm)
4. Use emergency key to lock driver's door. Car is locked but no alarm.
5. When you return, use emergency key to unlock driver's door. Press any button on key FOB to activate it.
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