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Hi guys,
If I were you IMHO, I will go to a locksmith and make just a plain duplicate of the key without any chip and take it with me all the time.
Having the alarm sounding if the door is open, could be discouraging to anybody trying to break in, since people near by will look in that direction seeing a person in the car with no intention of turning off the alarm. With not alarm going off, the thief can rummage without being disturbed by onlooker eyes.
Hide the key with the chip in a secured locked box in the spare tire area.
When you leave your car, just push the lock switch and the doors will lock and the alarm will set.
When you return, open the door and insert the key in the ignition and turn it to stop alarm.
Car will not start since it has no chip, you will need the “good one” to drive away.
Just my 2 cents!

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