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2019 Forester Fog Lights - upgrade to Subaru LED?

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So looks like the only trims to come with LED fog lights are the Sport and Touring. Although the fog light housing looks to be the same size and shape across all trim levels, LEDs or not. And knowing Subaru like I do, most options, accessories are pre-wired and plug & play. I'm betting if not now soon folks without the LED fog lights, if wanted will be able to order the parts from Subaru to upgrade to the LED fog lights.
Just an observation.
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So not a lot more than the $287.65 MSRP on the base fog lamp kit.

Do they light the scene better? On the base model with the base fog lamps, they definitely help. (On our old Impreza, by contrast, you hardly could tell they were on.) So swapping the base fog lamps on a '19 Forester out for the LEDs, is there a difference for the driver, or just for the bystanders? Adding a few bits of chrome to the front isn't my aesthetic; seeing better on dark rainy nights is though.
Can I replace the factory bulb H-16, with aftermarket H-16 LED?
New to the sight. Just leased 2019 limited. Has LED head lights but regular fog lights.
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