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Yesterday we drove roughly 150 miles round trip to various stores a town across state. Nothing abnormal.
Got about 10 miles from home and my dash lights up like a Christmas tree with everything turning off, RAB, EyeSight, etc.
I get a message on the screen saying "Check Owners Manual", etc. The engines stays running but pressing the gas does nothing.

I turn it off and back on. The same errors are there, but I'm able to limp it forward to get off the main road until it loses power again.
Repeat this process a few times until I'm about 4 miles from home. Then I'm able to keep it running forward at about 30mph to my garage.

I turn it off and let it sit for a bit. Come back out, same errors.
Then I disconnect battery for a few minutes, reconnect and all errors gone, car runs/drives like normal.
I got an error on the Navi screen saying there was a problem with Eyesight/Check Engine and I need to schedule a service appointment. So I do.

I take it in, and the service guy is annoyed with me because I disconnected the battery. He said there's probably not much they can do since the codes will be gone.
Is this true? I've always been told that the codes are stored in the ECU and will persist.

Has anyone seen anything similar in terms of errors and behavior?
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