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2019 - Dead battery again?

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2019 Forester touring. This is about my fourth dead battery. There has been discussion about parasitic loads, too small, automatic stop start, all contributing to battery problems. I'm not sure which my problem is. I have 33K miles on the original battery. I think it's time to buy a new one. What are people buying? CCA specification? Brand? Certainly not another Subaru battery. No point in it. Any suggestions or info is welcome.
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You're aware of the battery settlement? They replace it no charge, now with a slightly bigger battery? Not many aftermarket EFB batteries to choose from. Recently had my problematic 2nd battery replaced with a considerably more powerful one (76 vs 62 Ah) on the 2019.
I have had good luck with Interstate batteries from Costco. Great price, and warranty. Sam's Club also has good prices. The local auto parts store may be more convenient, but also more expensive. Generally, any battery that has a 3 year free replacement will be of good quality.
I've had no problem with my battery, but I opted out of the power rear gate on my sport (one more thing to break) and I only let the vehicle sit less than two weeks at a stretch.

A big factor with car batteries is temperature swings: if you live somewhere with hot summers and cold winters and you don't garage park, never expect your battery to last more than two years.

Another one is trip length: if you take a bunch of short trips then it never has much chance to recharge the battery with the alternator.
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