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2018 ForesterXT Touring..
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Hello all just have a quick question .. my wife recently gifted me a brand new 2018 Forester xt for my bday problem is it says it’s a touring model but I have halogen lights ( no cool led strip),no navi, no front collision sensors or adaptive cruse control, car feels super basic but it says it a touring.. the only thing i noticed it the 18” rims Thts pretty much it.

My other question would be.. can I change the little “c“ or “boomerang“ light bulb to a led bulb and where can I find them I know there have some code for the right fit.. please help
As you(we're) are Canadian, you have the Canadian version of the U.S. premium trim. The Canadian XT limited is our version of their Touring trim. I bought my touring because I don't like leather seats in a vehicle.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts