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FB, if you had three cracked sonic windshields go, why deal with this at all if you have Safelite coming over? They put on my Pilkington easykool glass (it does not say on it that it is the sonic Pilkington, only "laminated") onto my 2017 in their shop, and this has already impressed me taking a number of hits on the Taconic State Parkway New York at up to 80 mph, no chips, cracks, pits. A little more noisy if climbing a hill, but I couldn't care less. One replacement with non-Subaru glass and done!
Unless you have that Eyesight and have to use OEM, I'd avoid it.
You don't have to use OEM with EyeSight. I had the windshield in my '17 replaced a few weeks ago by Safelite with non-OEM glass and EyeSight is operating just fine. The system just had to be calibrated by Safelite which they did at their location. That was the only caveat: Safelite could not come replace the windshield at my location as the equipment to calibrate EyeSight is necessary. So I just went there and was done within a couple of hours.
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