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Do you think the Leather Upgrade makes a big difference?

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2018 - LEATHER TRIM Upgrade - Forester Premium to XV Crosstrek!

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[EDIT: SEE POST #8 FOR FINAL PICS... But only the last pic shows the replaced leather shifter boot.]

Crazy, but the 2014-2017 XV Crosstrek Trim fits like a glove on the 2018 Forester Premium. Here's the parts list:

$13 I purchased this set of trim tools which worked flawlessly to pop the old parts off:

So far it took less than 10 minutes to do the Dash Trim, Center Console Trim, and Door Handle Trims! I was shocked that the Console Upgrade worked, because the gloss black is almost twice the size of the silver, but it just goes right over the dash and fits perfectly (see pictures).

Still waiting for the Shifter Boot and the Leather seats (the Katzskin silver stitching perfectly matches original silver stitching in Premium door arm rests), but so far it's amazing!

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Glad you're enjoying them.....

The Impreza and Crosstrek - model GP, 2011 (Impreza) 2013 (Crosstrek) to 2017 model years shared many interior parts and bits with the SJ Forester (2014 to 2018).

I've often looked at the console and door trim bits (with the soft-touch material) but they're too expensive (in my opinion) for what they are... There are also JDM versions for the WRX and STI that use Alcantara like soft touch pieces.

BTW - there is also the information display screen "cover" or lid that you can purchase that is leather with silver, red or ... black? stitching. It's also kind of pricey, but has a nicer feel than the hard plastic cover. And it's an easy install upgrade....

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If you like shiny, you can also get the center HVAC vents and outer HVAC vents with the silver trim. Just be aware that the early SJ models (2014 to 2016) have a different center panel than the later SJ (2017 to 2018) because of hte change in the audio head unit to the Starlink touchscreen unit. I just added the outer silver trim vents to my Forester today, bought online on eBay....

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This is the whole dash - including some previously added trim rings for the center HVAC vents.

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So when it comes to a lot of interior bits, you can also find parts from Impreza, WRX and Crosstrek models that will fit in the SJ Forester.
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I bought it from a guy..... seriously.

But I think he got it from Subimods...? Usually find them with red or black stitching... he had silver... Yay....

I keep looking for a bargain on the door pulls and center console trim...
52 bucks for a few pieces of plastic with some faux leather ... eh, kind of high price, but... and I think the console parts are over 90 bucks for that pair of pieces, I think...? I also have the light color interior and so I'm not 100% sold on the black leather material... I'd rather have soft-touch light gray.. but ... who knows...? One of these days, I'll probably bite the bullet and make the purchase.

I got my hood panel for under 50 bucks from another Forester owner. He bought it, never installed and then traded to a newer Forester and wouldn't fit.

It's a mostly easy install - pop off the trim around the radio/HVAC, pop off the panel in front of the MFD (a few screws) and then remove the MFD, unscrew the cover and then reverse it all back together....
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