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I've been looking for a good offroad/summer on-road tire for my Forester, which is currently running a ADF 2" front 2-7/8" rear lift (to account for added weight from a steel bumper/tire carrier/interior done up as a very small camper - it sits closer to 2-1/2"). I have no wheel spacers only the aforementioned strut spacers, but will be in the market for new wheels as well, so I can play around with offset there.

Preferably, I'd like something larger than the 225/65R17 I have now. I like the Pirelli AT Plus, though unfortunately they don't come in that size. The Coopers seem really close to what I'm after too, and then there are a few wildcards... In any case this is what I'm currently interested in and wondering what you all think:
  • Pirelli AT Plus - 245/65R17 - I like this tire, it seems to be what I'm after for on/off-road handling, longevity, and capability, but the size I want may be a bit big? Even with the lift?
  • Cooper Discoverer A-T3 4S - 235/65R17- I like this tire a lot too. It also seems to be what I'm after, and it's in a size I want. Tied as first choice with the Pirelli.
  • Khumo Road Venture AT51 - 235/65R17 - Wildcard choice. Not sure if it's good or bad.
  • Toyo Open Country AT-II - 235/65R17 - Toyo seems to have a good reputation, though I've heard they don't perform as well on-road and the rubber tends to wear down quickly.
As far as wheels go, what kind of offset would I need for my lift and 235/65R17 setup?

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Hi, Baipin!

245/65R-17 is on the aggressive side, even with the lift.

If you're looking to run the max tire size possible, you're on the right track with 235/65R-17. This size should fit well with proper wheel dimensions such as an 8-inch wide wheel with an offset around 40mm or higher. Method offers a a few rally style wheel models that will work such as the MR501 and MR503.

When it comes to the tire model, the options you've listed are all solid considerations that tend to work out well for many. Another popular model you may want to look into as well is the Falken WildPeak A/T Trail.

At the end of the day, though, tires are a product of compromise, or in other words, no tire can score 5 out 5 in all performance areas - there's always trade off. Ultimately the right model for you will depending on the conditions in which you drive most as well as the performance attributes you need the tires to deliver.
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