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Hello! I'm a newbie, please bear with me.
My dealer is recommending Cooper True North.
After many years of driving an Xterra and avoiding Cooper I am concerned. I took time to research the best tires for my X.

I am in Canada, and want my Forester use for city highway driving but also cottage roads in central Ontario -- so mixed ice, snow level, mud and wet conditions over the winter.
I'm also concerned I am going to be missing my X but I have faith!

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Cooper True North are too new to get a feel on how good they are.

I know that Blizzak WS80s work really well in Ontario.
If you live near a Costco, look online for their steel wheels and tire offerings. They have Blizzaks and other winter tires. Usually can't touch the price.

Consider going for a 17" steel wheel if you have 18" right now. The 17" tire would be the same size as your current tire, just more tire sidewall, which is a good thing for potholes.

A good place to research tire performance is "".
You can also see the -1 options for winter tires. (-1" wheel size)

If you have any questions feel free to post here or PM.

Good luck!
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