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While this is in no way a suggested issue or problem, I can say that in my 1994 Chrysler Town & Country van that had the (then) relatively new Ultradrive A604 transaxle, I had more issues than others... it always went back to the same (selling) dealer for repairs/replacements... But on a road trip, when it was acting up and was towed to another dealer in another state, they found a reversed engine mount that had been putting the engine & transaxle assembly at a slight twist from new, causing additional wear on the transaxles. The engine and transaxle (and mounts) were replaced with factory new/crate units and never again had the issues... The replacement was done at just under 70K miles and the T&C (before parked) has over 130K on the clock, 60-ish-k miles since that fix...
1 - 1 of 32 Posts