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No car manufacturer will replace a transmission with a completely new unit unless it's a brand new model with no rebuild cores available. Subaru should hold their reman stuff to a high standard and I remember hearing that because of the individual attention the units get, they are actually less likely to have problems than a new unit. All wear parts and seals/gaskets are supposed to be replaced and all static parts are checked.

It looks like you have a lot of the original powertrain warranty left even if you do not have an extended warranty of any kind. Good luck getting it resolved; it may take time, but be persistent and ask for a loaner car. Subaru corporate may have to get involved, as they are not likely to let the dealer have another transmission if they're not sure that is the problem.

I will insert the info that I got a reman Chrysler transmission in my Grand Caravan last year under warranty, at right about 40k miles. The front seal was leaking but apparently the front bearing had ground itself up and spread shrapnel thru the transmission so they replaced the unit, the cooler, and all the lines. I would hope that your Subaru dealer would have done the same.
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