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2018 - Completed Build

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Hi All,

Just wanted to show my 2018 2.5 convenience that Im finally happy with.

digital dimming compass rearview
weather tech mats
rain deflectors
hood deflector
back seat protectors
rear, back seat, 2x side nets
wrangler cargo mesh webbing
red foot lighting
red ceiling leds
rally armour mudflaps
PR front skid
PR mid skid
PR diff skid
PR rock sliders kryloned matte green
continental terrain contact all terrain, steel wheels x 5
thule aero bars
yakima loadwarrior with extension and net
30 inch led basket light, semi stealth mounted behind yakima faring
Diode Dynamics 30inch light bar, stealth mounted
Android head unit
Plasti dip chrome to matte green
Orsini designs matt green and black subaru emblems

Looking forward to now driving this into the ground, having fun but still taking very good care of it!


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Nice build! What size wheels and tires did you go with?
That thing is sweet.
Nice build! What size wheels and tires did you go with?

I kept the stock size, 225 60 17
Can we see what the switch for your lightbar looks like? Did you drill a hole to put the switch in or did you find a factory blank somewhere?
wow, she is very purty. Same with the pooch!
I kept the stock size, 225 60 17
Looks great! What brand are they Terrain Contacts or? Oops, I read that they are indeed. :)
Looks like a fun car. I'm about to replace my 2000 OBW with a 14-18 Forester, and I'm very curious to know how the Primitive Rock Sliders sit. About how much lower do they sit under the car, or in other words, how much clearance do they eat up? That will probably affect what size lift I go for.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts