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2018 - Additional Driving lights and CANbus questions?

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Sorry if there is an answer somewhere here to this, however I've used all the google-fu I know and still have uncertainty on what is needed.

With my '18 XT I have the SRH; Auto/High-Beam assist and I'm trying to work out what specifically is needed to wire into the high beam for the relay output. From what I'm reading the CANbus wiring needs to be integrated properly and it's not as simple as tapping into the wires.

The other thing is warranty. If I can get away with it; I'd like to do the cleanest install possible.

It was mentioned that a CANbus High bean interface(CANM8 product) might be the only solution. Has anyone had experience with this and could point me to some more information or recommendations on what to look into.

Much appreciated, thanks.
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Just revisiting this one? Anyone had experience with this?
I’m about to install a CANM8 Cannect High Beam unit on my 2019 SK Forester 2.5i-S.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
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G'day & Welcome @Adrian(Australia)
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check this thread:
I know this has driven me nuts, so I used the research others had done and think I found an elegant solution to the problem. Search for my name and you'll see how to get a high beam trigger off of the fog lights. Requires some extra equipment, but it's a percentage of what good lights are goig to cost anyways.

There's a CANbus unit that is sold by AWD Enhancements Australia that can be wired in to the main wiring loom but requires access to the necessary connection by removing the speedometer.
I purchased the unit but am keeping that as an alternative to my solution.

I have designed a mount for a micro switch that I am mounting on the steering column that will work off the normal movement of the indicator column to 'high beam'. (2019 SK Forester 2.5i-S)

This will activate the LED light bar through a normal circuit using a relay and will be independent of the CANbus system. A secondary under dash toggle switch is also installed to meet local legislation.

The light bar will then come on as soon as i move the control column to the high beam position and will turn off when I move it to low beam.

I think this will be the easiest and most practical solution for me.

I took a polymer clay impression from the steering column that was baked and then 3D scanned. The mount was finessed in a CAD program called SolidWorks (thanks to my son-in law - it's handy having a daughter and a son-in-law who are product design engineers). The prototype was 3D printed and I'm about to install it.

The micro switch is a SS-5GL (rated at 5A125VAC and 3A250VAC). It's mounted using M 2 mm bolts and 2 mm nyloc nuts. It will be screwed to the steering column using 2.5 mm self-tapping screws.

I'll either print a final version in black or just paint this one.

Maybe this idea will help someone else?
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That switch location looks cleverly simple...

@Stevncaz .....
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