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2018 Subaru Forester
So my battery wasn't holding a charge during our last 3-week -40 deep freeze.
Each time the battery was low, the ABS, traction control and hill assist lights would come on and each time we charged up the battery the warning lights would turn off. This is normal according to my manual.

We determined there was a parasitic battery drain and figured out that the cargo light was to blame, so we unplugged it and it resolved the drain.
Then we decided to replace the battery - and that is when the ABS, traction control and hill assist lights became permanently on.

Does anyone have any tricks to get these warning lights to reset?
Is there a fancy button pressing combo to read and clear ABS codes like older models have?

Our OBD2 ABS scanner doesn't read Subaru ABS and my dealership is a 3 hour drive away.
I'm pretty sure that it just needs a reset (though not 100% certain)

I should mention that we checked the brake fluid level, gas cap, tires pressure, ABS fuse, and e-brake position. All the easy-to-check things without a warm garage ha-ha
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