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I think enough posters have made it clear the OP's gas mileage expectations aren't based on reality. So no need adding to the suggestions, etc.

When I traded my '17 FXTT my average after three years was about what others have seen... very low 20s. I COULD get over 30... driving 55 on level roads. And I could get high 20s in town... if I drove like a PITA to other drivers.

Gas mileage depends first on the driver's foot. The rest is a combination of many things unique to each veicle, as can be seen here. But in the end fuel mileage will gravitate to the common norm for your specific model.

It takes a concerted effort to get great mileage, it doesn't just happen. Expectations are a favorite subject of memes... one I like is, "Expectations are like hidden rocks in your path. All they do is trip you up." :)
1 - 1 of 60 Posts