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2017 - Terrible Gas Mileage - 22.5 MPG Average?

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I've owned my 2017 Fully Loaded Forester since 2017 (purchased new) when I was in Reno, NV. While I lived in Reno, the gas mileage was not good at all for general driving - I think I was getting on average 25mpg. I figured it was due to the high elevation.

Well, I now live in Bellingham, WA and I have roughly 22,500 miles on my car, and the average MPG is 22.5. I get this regardless of putting regular or premium unleaded in (tried 4 tanks in a row).

We have no extra weight in the car, and don't drive it crazy at all.

I'm appalled at this horrible gas mileage. The highest I've ever seen the car display is 28MPG when it was driven on the freeway for hours after a refill. I've never, ever broken 30MPG.

Is anyone else experiencing terrible MPG with their 2017 forester? Is this a problem due to the horizontal engine, or some other factor?

My car has been properly serviced since day one and the ECU reports no issues at all.

Honestly, if I knew the MPG was this bad, I never would have purchased the car.
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It probably the gas formulation where you live.
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