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Hello all,

I have spent 9 hours today scouring the web for my Subaru Forester's Harmon Kardon 7" StarLink radio with Navigation firmware update files. From what I've gathered so far these files used to be on a server accessible to the public via the website, this website apparently used to be accessible to both employees AND customers alike, however, it seems now that this website can only be accessed through employee SSO login. Is there any way that I can find the appropriate update files for my Subaru? It's kind of BS that I've paid $50,000 for a car that has an outdated, unstable radio firmware, for this same reason, I'm not taking it to a dealer so they can charge me $100, something that I can do on my own. (I am a computer scientist, I'm pretty sure I can update this system as long as I have the appropriate files.

Thanks in advance,

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