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2017 Subaru Forester automatic transmission
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Looking for possible solutions for a radio that will just start scanning through stations or skipping songs when connected to bluetooth/playing a CD. I have brought it to the dealer and they did an update. Seem to fix it for a couple days, but now it is doing it every time I drive. Took it back in and they just want to replace the entire head unit without looking for any other possible issue and that is way out of my budget right now. I have resorted to just putting a bluetooth speaker on my dash so I can listen to music. Can provide video of what is doing, but just imagine someone having their finger on the skip button and not letting go. Then the entire touchscreen will just freeze.

Things I have found from other forums are that it could be an amp under the front passenger seat? Cache radio (not sure what that is)? a loose wire somewhere?

Wondering if anyone else had this issue and fixed it without having to replace the whole unit.
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