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So here's the deal. I've been casually car shopping for about a year and a half, but now that this stupid new traction law is in place in CO, I kinda need to get on it. I currently drive a 2015 Honda Accord (FWD), which means I now can't drive up I70 September - May without snow tires or 'alternative traction devices' regardless of the weather without the risk of getting a ticket. It's idiotic. But I digress.

I've never driven anything but Hondas. Had a Civic for 8 years and now my Accord for almost 5. I have no interest in newer Hondas - not a big fan of their design choices lately - but I definitely want something I can drive without worrying about it. I know a lot of people tout Subaru as the safest, most reliable vehicles on the road. They're everywhere here in Colorado.

I found a hell of a deal on a 2017 Premium - 21k miles, EyeSight, sunroof, power liftgate, all the options pretty much, clean Carfax - for just over $21k. Drives nice, great visibility, I actually love the boxy 'outdated' exterior, etc. My issue is the interior and the infotainment, as compared to my (base model) Accord. Seems like there's little to no small item storage in the cabin, lots of hard plastics that kind of look/feel cheap, shift knob seems awkwardly far from the driver even in the lowest seating position (and I'm 5'7 with long arms). The infotainment system is hard to see with all that light coming in, the menus are redundant, and you can't even use half the options unless you're subscribed to a bunch of crap (I could care less about SiriusXM or Starlink). I also find it weird that this thing is loaded with technology but doesn't have automatic headlights??

My question here is what frustrations/issues do you have with the interior/infotainment? Are the overall benefits of the Forester worth it? Suggestions for how to improve the interior?
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