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2017 Forester Limited 2.5 CV
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External Noise Accelerate/Decelerate - 2017 Forester Limited

36,000 miles. Gas mileage 28 - 32 mph. Oil changes at or before 6K. No oil consumption. Great little car.

When accelerating there is a roaring throating noise that is heard somewhere from the left side on the outside. Reminds me of the old days when a exhaust manifold gasket leaked - or even a defective muffler. I think the exhaust system on this auto is on the right side.

Also, only when decelerating then to full stop (as coming to a stop light) another whining winding down noise from same area.

Both noises seem to be getting more noticeable.

Any ideas here . . . ?

***** Next day ******

Today I demonstrated the noise winding down to a stop. Once the noise is noticeable I put the shifter into neutral and then brake. The whining noise stops immediately once the shifter is in neutral.

Noticed also the same noise starts up again once I leave the stop position.

So . . . Is this a CVS transmission defect?
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