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Since I’m building an overland/softlander I wanted a place to follow my progress all together and get ideas from other, or maybe help inspire someone else’s build. I’ve owned my SJ for a little over a month now. It was bone stock when I bought it. I have since added oem aero bars and a cheap harbor freight roof rack. I sprayed a coat of rattle can bed liner on the frame and used the wife’s cricut to cut out the Subaru logo on it. (By I used, I mean I had her do all the work, I just put it on). Next step was buying ditch lights from Amazon. I bought brackets for a 2005-2015 Toyota because they’re much much cheaper than Forester specific ones and are the same measurements. I added amber nilight spots for the time being to the mounts.
Next steps in no particular order:
15” Rally gold Sparco Terra wheels with 215/75/15 General Grabber atx tires (being delivered Tuesday)
1-2 inch lift. No specifics yet. Gotta do some research
Diode Dynamic yellow fogs
SSD bull bar light mount on front
Full set of skid plates
Receiver hitch with spare mount
And I’m sure there’s more I’m not remembering right now but very excited to build this up. Here’s a few pics of where she’s at now. Haven’t come up with a name for it yet

2006 XS 5-Speed, 2017 XS Auto
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I have been thinking of the skid plates for my 2017 from Primitive and recommend to start with that upgrade. I do like the brackets for the lights
Skid plates were one of the first things that I noticed that I didn't have on my
2006 once I got the suby out in the middle of nowhere going over ruts and rocks.
I have the front and diff plate from primitive for my SG and they are essential if you are doing even light 'softlander' trips even if for just peace of mind as you drive over oil pan piercing rocks.

I have that same harbor freight roof rack on the 2006 and it does the job but it will rust. I've coated with paint at least 2 times (3 years old and i'm in the market for another cheap replacement)
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