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I have to say and Amp changes EVERYTHING. I want to add a sub-woofer as I love bass but find it is not needed now.... I am an Uber driver and sit in the car everyday, the sound from Day one was outstanding amped with Highs, Mids, lows... even better I changed my stereo at bestbuy to a floating screen Alpine Halo9 model F309, if you like simple volume knob control don't upgrade your stereo... if you want android auto to have Waze on a huge screen and still use steering wheel control and the touch screen and capacitive buttons, upgrade.
As some one else stated if you have oem stereo you can easily access special menu of the stereo and turn off loudness and access equalizer.
In my opinion from years of college in music, The reason you have bass in your songs, because bass is being played by the artists. Your stereo lets you turn down the bass.
Harmon Kardon is the Shizzle, and the new 2019 Rockford Fosgates are just the same.
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