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2016 - Error light - engine check, traction control, incline?

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please help, my forester had 4 warning lights as shown in the photo. Anyone know what does it mean.
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@Dominiclim83 Welcome to the forum from DFW, TX.

Regarding the lights. The bottom left one is the CEL(Check Engine Light). Since your in a non US country, I cannot tell you where to go to get that Engine Code read. Unless you can buy a OBDII dongle that will Bluetooth to your phone and you
Noted, thanks. I had send to service Center. Thanks god it is not big issue. I had replace front brake pad last week at the service Center and they didn’t perform calibration in system that why the issue come. They had performed calibration with obd then all issue settle in 30 minutes
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts