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2016 - Deer Strike - Just Got the Estimate! - Updated!

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I knew I shouldn't have gone to the grocery store after dark during this time of year. On December 1, on my way back from the store, a buck decided to try to jump over my 2016 Subaru Forester as I was driving by at 55 MPH. Poor deer. Poor car. The estimated cost of repair is $6,495.00, less my $500 deductible. Less than 27,000 miles on it. Dang dang dang.

My first Forester was hit when a driver pulled out from a driveway right into my front wheel well. My second Forester was two months old when it suffered extensive hail damage. THEN it was hit under pretty much the same circumstances as the first car - a careless driver pulled out onto the road, right into my vehicle. I traded that car in on a Crosstrek, which miraculously was never involved in any type of "mishap," but that's only because I only had it for two years, when I decided to trade it in on the 2016 Forester.

One of these days I will be able to cash in on that "guaranteed trade-in value." Hasn't happened yet.....


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Oh deer! Sorry to hear about that.

BTW, the guaranteed trade in value isn't that hot (you can run the numbers on the Subaru web site), not that that is much of a consolation prize! I just didn't want you to think you were missing a lot there!
Sorry about the Subie, glad that you are ok.

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Update. I thought the deer strike would turn me sour on my 2016 Forester, i.e., I'd start neglecting it, withholding love and oil changes, etc. Au contraire. The body shop did a good job restoring the entire right side of the vehicle, and I have yet to find any mechanical issues related to the crash. I've kept maintenance up to date, the car stays (relatively) clean, and I recently celebrated four years of ownership. I took it to the Subaru dealer for regular service this past week - oil change, rear coil springs replacement ("courtesy recall"), gorgeous new tires...looks like we're prepared for the next four years.
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