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All -- can anyone provide the wheel alignment specifications for a 2015 Forester 2.5i?

I have been searching the web and unable to locate the specs.

I found this forum site and joined it to see if anyone here can help.

Thank you!

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If you don't need alignment don't fiddle with it.

I had 2 alignments in 55 years of driving. The second one bc the first was no good. Once you start adjusting ti gets out of alignment quicker bc the fasteners are not rusted together (don't move)

Alignments are promulgated by alignment places. Its like a 3000 mile oil change-totally un-necessary.


Hopefully someone can help you.

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^ I really wish this guy didn't give advice.

Rough specs that the alignment racks will target is:
Front Camber: 0 degrees
Front Toe: 0 degrees

Rear Camber: ~ -.8 degrees
Rear Toe: 0 degrees

Rear Camber is not adjustable and front caster is not adjustable.

Personally I like a hair more negative camber up front and a slight bit of toe in for better on center steering feel.
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