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2015 Forester XT CVT
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I'm looking to get a Single Exit. Why? Don't know I just loved the Single Exit design for ages and can't say no to that giant JDM style cannon of a muffler/exhaust.

Now since as far as I know there aren't any official Single Exit exhausts for the FXT it's gonna be a hacky sacky project trying to get WRX/STI single exits to fit on. Applying some basic logic, Individia N1 is compatible with WRX and FXT, with same logic there should in theory be no problem running the 15+ WRX/STI Single Invidia N1 (PT#: HS15SW4GTT). I doubt I can get away with say Tomei single exit, but that should be plausible two.

And yes I know I will need the hole cover unless I want to run without a hole cover. This is really something I debated for ages, the N1 Single will cut weight and is cheaper then regular N1 by a bit. In theory it should be pretty loud as well since we don't have the gasses spilling at the Y pipe.

Any input and suggestions are welcomed.
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