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Be VERY careful when you remove and install the glove box.
I'd suggest you look at a video first.. Lots of YouTubes.
While not complicated, the design of the glove box makes it easy to break the hinges when installing it.
You need to remove the contents (if it loaded so everything doesn't go onto the floor)
On the right side, pull off the little "shock absorber" from the box cover.
You need to do a heavy duty squeeze on both sides to let the box drop down. Two long screwdrivers help a lot.
Once squeezed and pulled down past the tabs inside, the box will drop down.
You then pull it straight out to remove it. NOTE the position.
The filter has a little door that you squeeze and pull out - the filter is attached.
Look inside for debris.
To reinstall, slide the filter back in.
Push the glove box STRAIGHT in at the same angle it was in when you removed it, or it's easy to break the hinges. (ask me how I know...)
Once hinges snap in, push the box back up and when the tabs are past the sides, it's there.
Replace contents and you're done.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts