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2015 - Self inflicted wound, front fender - thanks for any advice!

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In a moment of mental haze backed my moto into my '15 foz :frown2: (zero damage to the bike BTW not a scratch)

I figured, 2-300 ish maybe, the two body shops in town I ran this by are in the $1200 range which seems excessive.

I've learned through painful experience this type of trivial deal should not be run through insurance (pay now or pay the insurance carrier, forever)

A new fender is $40 (aftermarket) to $190 (OEM) so not bad but shipping appears to be about $150 which seems excessive.

Anyone know if a fender replacement is a difficult job on a '15 era Forester?
Anyone know if a chain shop like Autozone, or similar can source a body part and save me the $$ on shipping or know a source that ships at a reasonable cost?

If I can get away with a $200 part and maybe $200 for a paint shop I'd do it, $1200 to a body shop no way I'll drive it as is.

Thanks for any advice! Yes stupid hurts as it should :grin2:


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I have pulled the fenders on my old Saabaru (05 Impreza WRX) to replace some week bracing. It wasn't too difficult but looked scary. I just had to undo some bolts holding it down in the engine bay and on the side inside the door jam (sorry, also had to take the front bumper off in my case). You may have to deal with some wiring harnesing running along that path, but it shouldn't be attached to the metal so you might be alright.
My guess is the hard part will be removing all the engine bay dressing along the side to let you get to the bolts for the fender.
Pic of the horror that awaits :)
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