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2015 - Self inflicted wound, front fender - thanks for any advice!

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In a moment of mental haze backed my moto into my '15 foz :frown2: (zero damage to the bike BTW not a scratch)

I figured, 2-300 ish maybe, the two body shops in town I ran this by are in the $1200 range which seems excessive.

I've learned through painful experience this type of trivial deal should not be run through insurance (pay now or pay the insurance carrier, forever)

A new fender is $40 (aftermarket) to $190 (OEM) so not bad but shipping appears to be about $150 which seems excessive.

Anyone know if a fender replacement is a difficult job on a '15 era Forester?
Anyone know if a chain shop like Autozone, or similar can source a body part and save me the $$ on shipping or know a source that ships at a reasonable cost?

If I can get away with a $200 part and maybe $200 for a paint shop I'd do it, $1200 to a body shop no way I'll drive it as is.

Thanks for any advice! Yes stupid hurts as it should :grin2:


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Thanks for the advice. The dent repair quote I got was $250 but they can't deal with the paint fix which I'm sure would be another few hundred. I'm concerned it'll never be right. I'll probably just order a new fender and some OEM paint and see how well I can do. Again appreciate the input!
Yeah, one of the reasons I was surprised by the quotes was that I led with "paying cash not an insurance claim".

I'm currently leaning towards going with a seller on EBAY who will sell me the part painted to the car's color code, and doing the labor myself. Given this is a '15 and garaged there's a chance the results might match. If not I'm out about the cost of the OEM part minus paint and shipping, so probably worth a try. If I go this route I'll follow up here so y'all can avoid any mistakes I make; let's make the herd smarter :smile2:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts