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2015 - replacement cost for stock stereo?

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Hi all,

The stock stereo display in my 2015 Forester has a incurred a dent (courtesy of child's toy being flung from the back seat to the front)

Would anyone know what the cost to replace with the same stock radio from the dealer? Any input is much appreciated!
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Which stereo in which Forester? There were three or four different ones available for the 2015, ranging from the old-school Clarion in the base unit to a touch-screen Harmon-Kardon with navigation available in the Touring and Limited.

I think most people would suggest that if you're replacing the head unit anyway, choosing something that would be an upgrade over the famously substandard Subaru units would be the way to go.

I recently replaced the Clarion in my '15 Premium 2.5i with a Sony XAV-AX5000, and could hardly be happier. (I'm not alone in doing this sort of thing which is why so many used Subaru head units are available on ebay.) A new unit will have Carplay/Android Auto, better electronics for better sound, better Bluetooth performance, a nicer screen, and other worthwhile improvements.

The details of course depend on which Subaru head unit you're replacing.

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Look at the model number on the face (lower right hand side) of the radio and look for that model on ebay. I bought a Subaru CV629UM on ebay for $30 delivered. The Subaru dealer will charge you far more than the radio is worth. Installation is pretty easy when you watch Youtube videos.
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